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Arsenal – A better monetary investment than an emotional one

In continuation of my previous article about Arsenal being at the risk of becoming an ALSO – RAN club, this article is further exploring the anguish at being an Arsenal fan.

The Money-Side of Arsenal

If you just search Wikipedia, you will be amazed to know that Forbes Magazine has recently ranked Arsenal as the 3rd most valuable football club, behind Man U and Real Madrid, with value of £768m. Arsenal has issued only  62,219 shares with each being prized at £10,250.

The Emotional-Side of Arsenal

After being the invincible for a season and making records after records, suddenly the Arsenal side has gone without any kind of Silverware since 2005. Fans have waited and waited and waited but season after season, the 3rd most valued club in the world has failed to deliver on promises of Silverware

In Arsene we trust – A good Investment

In Arsene we trust – Good Investment

Lets look at Arsenal since Arsene took over, not from footballing perspective, but from an investment perspective, lets say we owned some shares of Arsenal and lets see the return on our investment.

The biggest would be the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal has a bigger stadium, progressively paying off debts on the stadium, it looks to be of long term value, after all the pricey seats at Emirates will mean eventually more turnover in the long run.

Lets look at the return on Player, Pires, Veira, Henry, all went on with a cool profit, and surprisingly, some of them went to other clubs and won silverware there. Besides Reyes, and Adebayor other players sold off have been good return, and even on Adebayor return was positive. Arsene strategy seems to be bring in youth players, take them to summit and then selling them off at good returns, whereas waiting for end of season to get players on free transfers (Chamakh), so little and minimal investment and great returns on them.. Next season by all means Fabregas seems on the direction of departure again gaining a healthy profit for the club.

So if I were a investor in Arsenal, I am happy, more than happy, extremly delighted.

The emotional side

Now no wonder, all the owners of Arsenal seem so keep on Wenger, after all a good return on investment.

but football is not just about the money (though it is increasingly becoming about the money), football is about passion, about the fans, who invest in the club through their money, time and mostly vest their emotions in the team.

After all, a true fan, will feel sad an entire day after the team’s loss, I bet many would have felt the same on Tuesday after the Man U game.

Defense – No Defense

Now let’s look at what Arsene has done at the club, like AB pointed out in his comments to my previous article, Arsene inherited a strong defense, but since he has not really invested in defense, and Arsenal looks increasingly vulnerable, I mean Football is game of uncertainties, but how often has Arsenal surrendered a 2 -0 advantage and ended without even a point. Just check last few seasons, it has happened just too often for the liking of a top club

Goal Keeper – No Target at all

Last few seasons has been the utter ignorance that perhaps the best bet of stopping a goal is having a good goal keeper, rather than having your mid fielders rushing back to defend. Goals that should have been stopped easily at the level of top class football are just allowed to happen. There is no strategy at it, the goal keeping selections are so puzzling at times

Look at Man U, Real Madrid, Barcelona, all have maintained good gloves to guard their posts, and Arsenal might be the only top flight club struggling in this regard.

Attack – More youth less efficiency

YES, Arsenal soak up the possession, but in comparison the number of shots on target are pathetic. Passing football looks great, but there is too much of passing and less of attacking.

Like William Bush responded, in 4 years, Walcott, should be a spent force, yet he is used as an impact player, who makes impact every odd game, and has a knack of passing the ball, when he should be taking the shot.

Emotional Investment -Arsenal fans

There is more, but now Arsenal fans must take stock of their investment, their emotional investment and analyze whether they are getting good returns on it.

(Thanks to kayode, William Bush, Vineet, AB and Nick, for their comments on my previous article which prompted me to write this one)



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