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Aston Villa Should Be Challenging Not Scrapping

I love Aston Villa fans, i really do. They are light hearted in there own way. If they lose they think the whole world is coming to and end. If they win they are convinced they going to challenge for something. I remember once working with a Villa fan. When they lost he was the most miserable man on a Saturday afternoon. I remember one particular Saturday afternoon when his beloved team lost, all he he wanted was for the manager to be sacked, the board should go and amazingly but not unsurprising he even wanted the players to be sacked. I laughed.

Not seven days later Villa won and the very same fan was unrecognisable. “we are going for forth we are” he says “this is our season” he cheerfully bleated. Several days later they lost. You get the idea of what happened next. But if one thing is for sure Villa fans will always be Villa fans.

Regular listeners of BBC 606 on a Saturday would know of the on going feud between Robbie Savage and the Villa faithful. For those who don’t, Robbie Savage, in his ultimate wisdom, said that he believed that Villa would go down this year much to the dismay of The Villains die hard. But frightfully, this time Robbie may have a point. And right now they are fourth from bottom and not moving away fast.

And that is a sad state of affairs for Villa. I, myself, just don’t understand how they can find themselves in this situation. Aston Villa have been in the top flight practically forever. They have a good fan base, as everyone knows, they have a decent stadium. They have all the right ingredients that should allow them to be pushing for the top half of the table and onwards.

Obviously the blame lies with the board. What in the name of all that is great and good in football could honestly make them believe for a minute that hiring Alex Mcleish, a man who relegated Birmingham, a club in the same city, could possibly bring a club like Villa forward. I cant understand for a minute what these board members do be thinking. Its the same at Reading at the moment. Getting rid a good manager who has done so much for the club when they are right in the thick of a relegation battle.

Bringing in average managers who haven’t done it at other clubs isn’t going to make you challenge. In turn all these managers do is bring players and coaches in who aren’t good enough for the club. Alex Mcliesh had no idea how to bring that club forward from day one, never had the backing of the fans, which meant every game he was looking over his shoulder instead of the pitch and never had the confidence from the players.

Villa’s board need to take a look at how other clubs have brought themselves on over the last few years. They need to take a leaf out the book that clubs such as Swansea, Everton and Tottenham are using. The club needs to instill a philosophy and stick with it. They need to get the right man in place to instill that philosophy and more importantly give him the time and resources to do the job. But not too much resources as to ruin the club. Hiring managers that have done a merry-go-round at other average clubs isn’t going to do it.

I believe, however, that they may have started this, inadvertently, when they hired Paul Lambert. He has already proven himself to be a successful manager by bringing Norwich to the premier league. He has his own ideas about how he wants to game to be played and the players he wants to achieve that type of play. I understand at the moment that he is the one responsible for position right now but i honestly believe that given the time, three, four or even five years he can learn the trade himself and bring the club forward to where it should be

I know that if any Villa fan reading this is going “what is this lad on about” but if you think hard and long about it changing managers every year wont solve anything. All i hope is that they stay up or this article would have been all for nothing.

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