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Bilić finally signed contract

In Croatian Football Federation, as the president Marković said, decided for continuity. In front of Bilić and the rest of his team. they didn’t put result imperative, and the contract is signed up to the end of World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Bilić i ekipa

Signing of new contract was announced in hotel Sheraton before publishing the names of players for Euro.The initiatory word belonged to Vlatko Marković, president of Croatian Football Federation: “When we have decided for this selector and his assistants , we have also decided for continuity.We’re glad that our coach, from the CFF Academy, is wanted everywhere.This squad made great results with Bilić, they are great team.They set off bravely in the generations shift, and it wasn’t easy at all, but still they made a great result.We are proud with the fact that Croatian representation is one of rare who has its own coaches on the bench and not the foreigners.”

“In front of Bilić and his assistants we are not putting any imperative, they have done their job perfectly.It will be very tough in Austri, considering injuries (especially Eduardo’s), but we hope that we will make that crucial step which was missing last ten years on the larger competitions.”, added Marković and gave the word to Bilić.

“Now everybody swear in us, but two years ago CFF made a brave move.Based on the results, for which are primary responsible players, we led ourselves in situation that we had multiple offers from everywhere, and we have never hide it, but for more than one reason we have decided to stay.”,said Bilić, who believs that his team will become even better in the future.

“This team isn’t old or saturated.I hope we will be even better, especially because the qualification group for the World Cup is harder than the one we had in the last qualifications. Still, although there is not any imperative, we are aware that our stay, two months or five years, primary depends on the results.”,added selector.

Bilić and his assistants AljoÅ¡a asanović, Nikola Jurčević, Robert Prosinečki and Marijan Mrmić signed a contract on two years, until the end of World Cup 2010 in South Africa.There was no word about finances, but guesses are that Bilić’s monthly wage will be around 80,000 kn (€11,000) and his assistants between 30,000 and 40,000 kn.

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