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Bilić’s list

The fifth striker will be Kalinić.Among 23 players is Pokrivač, but not VranjeÅ¡ and Babić.From young players to Austria are going Rijeka’s captain Anas Sharbini and Manuel Pamić.Bilić also talked to Križanac.


Although there was one version that Croatian selector will announce wider list for Euro, he immediately decided for a list of 23 names and additional two young players who got pre-calling. Among candidates there’s no surprise, there are mainly players who played the qualifications and as the fifth striker was chosen Nikola Kalinić.

In Austria is also going Monaco’s midfielder Nikola Pokrivač, but not Dino Drpić, Jurica VranjeÅ¡, Marko babić, BoÅ¡ko Balaban and Mario Mandžukić.

“I would be the happiest if they could go with us. I talked with them and explained them why they were not chosen and said thank to each of them.Of course they are disappointed what is understandable, but I told them to be ready if something happens during the preparations.”, Bilić said.

When talking about young players Bilić chose Red Bull Salzburg’s left-back Manuel Pamić and Rijeka’s captain Anas Sharbini.He said they didn’t get a call just to get used to national team environment and to meet team-mates or as the award for their game but because they are young and talented and because they play on positions where we are weak.

“I didn’t call Sharbini for the future.If,I hope not, something happens on Euro,then we may need him even now. We can’t just like that forget an incident he made (conflict with young team selector Ladić) and he’ll get what he deserves from us to not repeat that again.”, said Bilić.

Bilić’s list for Euro:

Stipe Pletikosa (Spartak)
Vedran Runje (Lens)
Robert Kovač (Borussia D.)
Dario Šimić (Milan)
Hrvoje Vejić (Tom)
Danijel Pranjić (Heerenveen)
Niko Kovač (Red Bull Salzburg)
Niko Kranjčar (Portsmouth)
Nikola Pokrivač (Monaco)
Ivan Rakitić (Schalke 04)
Igor Budan (Parma)
Ivan Klasnić (Werder)


Manuel Pamić (Red Bull Salzburg)
Anas Sharbini (Rijeka)

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