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Birmingham City’s Ben Foster retires from England

So Ben Foster follows in the footsteps of the likes of Paul Scholes and Jamie Carragher in retiring from international football.

I’m afraid I find this decision simply disgusting.

Millions of people would do so much to pull on an England shirt, yet there are still some players who appear to differ.

Surely representing your country is the pinnacle of your career, in whatever profession? It is the ultimate goal which you strive for.

But to choose not to make yourself available for selection is for me, very frustrating.

Surely it is not to much to ask for, to play an extra five, six games a year and maybe a few more if there is a major championship. However, in a profession where the players are earning thousands and thousands of pounds each week, you would think they could handle a few more games.

Finally if you want to be the best, being among the country’s best players and playing against the world’s best will make improve you as a player. Wouldn’t you want that?

What kind of message does this send out to youngsters in this country? Obviously your club is more important than your country and sadly, this is reflected by England’s recent poor performances in major tournaments. It’s simple, the players don’t care!

Foster’s decision has made me lose any respect that I had for him.

I just cannot get my head around anyone can turn down such a glorious opportunity.

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