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Buggerov Berbatov!

Usually when I post I try to remain as neutrel as possible. However on this occasion, I’m afraid my true colours will show. For wantaway Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov has signed a Manchester United shirt whilst on International duty.

Red top tabloid ‘The Sun’ snapped Berbatov signing the shirt yesterday, whilst he was preparing for his nations clash against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Already Spurs fan’s have expressed their disgust, with a number of forums calling for the Bulgarian to be sold. Indeed, most of the Tottenham fan’s posts are so <ahem> colourful that I’m afraid I won’t be able to post them here. Nevertheless, Spurs legend Jimmy Greaves said the following on the matter; “Signing the United shirt is certainly cheeky.”

“He clearly wants to leave. If he doesn’t want to stay they should get rid of him.”

Sorry Jimmy but in my opinion a player signing a shirt that doesn’t belong to the club he’s currently at is certainly more then cheeky. It’s disrespectful, rude and antagonistic. Berbatov has sulked his way out the door and has lost any respect Tottenham fan’s had for him. If I was Ramos I would force him to train with the reserve team and then sell him on deadline day. Preferbly not to Man U, Barca would be a better option.

The irony of it is that many Manchester United fans would rather buy Dutchman Huntelaar. Man, I’d love it if they did-wouldn’t that put a smile on our favourite sulky Bulgarian’s face!

Anyway, it remains to be seen what Ramos and Levy make of it all. I’ll post an article on tgheir reaction as soon as they release a statement.

So it looks like Berba’s finally going to get his way. Thanks for your goals Dimitar-but you’ll always be rememberd as the man who sh*t on Spurs.

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