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Can Chelsea be the new Invincibles?

Who can deny Chelsea have been mighty impressive this season? Not only have they look good both going forward and defensively but in all their matches there seems to be a sense of control. You might argue that City seemed to boss them at the Etihad. However even in that game it really didn’t seem like Chelsea were going to lose, and lets face it they really should have come away with three points. I said before about the control they seem to have but its more than that its the way they can make their opponents play exactly the way they want.

They can control the tempo the other team play at even when in and out of possession. What has been so impressive is how Chelsea have been able to score first in most of their games this season. By scoring first it means Chelsea are able to invite pressure and then use their incredible breaking speed to hit teams on the counter. This was most evident with the Everton match where Chelsea were able to bring Everton onto them and then when Everton did score Chelsea scored almost immediately. And more impressively scored 6!

Chelsea’s blend of new and old seems to be better than anyone’s in the league. The way Costa and Fabregas have blended in with the likes of Hazard, Terry, Ivanovic and Oscar is just perfect. Everyone says that coming from a country like Spain that players need time to adapt. However that is clearly not the case for those two. Something else that seems to be impressive is the depth in the squad. Ramires and Mikel are able to come into games to sure up the midfield. Willian/Schurrle can come on to inject a place into the game and Filipe Luis to come in to sure up the defence.

At the moment it just seems as that nobody who comes up against Chelsea will beat them, they might get a point but you just cannot imagine Chelsea can lose. Now you probably would have said the same about Liverpool at the end of last season, however Chelsea seem to have more options than Liverpool did last year. They seem to be able to change things if plan A isn’t working. Something that Liverpool couldn’t do last year.

The only problem with Chelsea’s squad seems to be the strikers. With only Remy being the only really suitable option to come off the bench this seems to be a little short. Nobody can doubt Costa’s quality but you can doubt his hamstring. However good way to counteract this would be to play Cesc in the ‘false 9’ position and play Hazard and Schurrle/Willian off him. He played this position for Barcelona and during Spain’s world cup winning campaign.

I honestly believe that Chelsea could have an unbeaten season. At the moment it just seems like nobody could beat them. If Chelsea do achieve this mighty feet does it then prove that maybe Arsenal’s 2003/4 season was a bit of a myth, however that is a debate for another day.

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