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Carlos Tevez: Backing up opinions

In Munich Manchester City were taught a lesson about European football, and I am sure that they will learn from their mistakes made on the pitch. But the headlines weren’t beaming about the brilliance of Ribery, or the performance of the Munich team as a whole, but they are were talking about Carlos Tevez, and his refusal to play the game that so many of us love and cherish.
Since the ‘fiasco’ both parties (Mr Tevez and Mr Mancini) have come out and spoke to the press. Mancini clearly furious at the so-called superstar instigated that Tevez can have no more part to play in Manchester City’s squad. “I cannot accept this behaviour from him. I decide the substitutions, not Carlos.” These are the words that Mancini said in his post match press conference. In reply to Mancini’s remarks, Tevez has claimed that he never refused to play, and that he has always given everything to Manchester City since he has asked to leave the club, due to ‘family reasons’. I don’t think I am alone in this, but I don’t believe a word he says.
Carlos Tevez added fuel to the fire to the typical argument that players these days are overpaid, overconfident, egotistic individuals who appear to think they are bigger than the club and its owners. Bayern Munich, being the fourth most successful club in European history, with four victories in Europe’s most prestigious footballing accolade, are one of the most well respected clubs in football. Any person who has dreams of becoming a footballer would jump at the opportunity to play against Munich in the Champions League. But Carlos Tevez… no. It would appear being paid around £250,000 a week was not enough of an incentive to get up and kick a ball around for half an hour. £250,000 to play football….
Many people like myself pay £5-£10 a week in subs to play football of reasonably poor quality on a pitch that is covered in dog ****, get changed in changing rooms that aren’t fit for a pig sty, put up nets and put out corner flags, amongst other things. The comparison between the two cases is huge.
There is a growing opinion of many football fans on the street: the idea that footballers are given too much power in the game these days. Demanding lucrative contracts, demanding to leave, ignoring mangers and referees, and in general, lacking manners. Carlos Tevez last night confirmed these fears, and showed a lot about himself.
Carlos Tevez used to be seen as a superstar. A great footballer. Many saw him as a good individual. Now he is seen as a greedy, selfish, pompous ******** who thinks he is bigger than the sport. It is now in Manchester City’s hands to act. Reports suggest that Mancini will speak to the chairman about the situation. Manchester City clearly has the financial will power to put Carlos Tevez out of the game, and that’s what I believe they should do. Let the man rot.

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