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Footballers have too much power in today’s society.

When I heard that Carlos Tevez had refused to play for Manchester City on Tuesday night the first thought that came to my mind was not this again, I have seen Tevez over the past months act like a spoiled child, yet then show moments of pure brilliance, The reality is that footballers now have a power that players like Sir Bobby Charlton, Pele and the other could only dream about.

Tevez will be suspended but if Tevez is sacked then he can claim unfair dismissal and probably win as he claims he had every right to refuse to play, the problem with football is that 40 years ago the club held all the power, but now the players hold the clubs to ransom, Rooney doubled his wages, while players like Wayne Bridge are paid over the odds and cannot be simply taken off the wage bill he earns (£80,000 a week).

Football needs to evolve in such a way that it means players and clubs do not have to solely rely on having the upper hand, (contract length), wouldn’t it be great if one day the club you supported had players who played football and enjoyed it without having to become selfish, and that the club was not always looking at making the most profit on a player in the hope of helping the owner gain as much profit as possible.

Is this too big a hope… yes it is I am not so naive to believe this will one day happen but it would be nice if the business side of football was but to one side from time to time rather than being completely ignored.

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