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Champions League prospects

This is the Uefa Ranking for clubs and the fact that we are ranked 19th, due to our two succesive seasons without any European competition means that we would be in third seeds. We would be the 17th team ranked in the Champions League if Milan and Sevilla won’t make it through but yet, we would have needed to be in the 16th place in order to be up as second seeds. This therefore means that Juve need some luck in the preliminary stages of the Champions League and must hope that some of the big guns of Europe get eliminated at that stage so as to avoid a tough group stage. Definitely the Champions League will be Juve’s trickiest competition next season and therefore a great transfer approach must be dealt with.

Uefa Club Rankings (until 19th place)

1 Chelsea

2 Milan

3 Liverpool

4 Barcellona

5 Arsenal

6 Sevilla

7 Manchester

8  Lyon

9  inter

10 Real Madrid

11 PSV

12 Bayern

13 Villareal

14 Roma

15 Porto

16 Werder

17 Sporting

18 Schalke

19 Juve

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