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Change The Internationl Set Up For The Good Of The Game

I am bored. When the Internationals come around its like nothing is happening in the world of football. Even journalists admit that it does be a quiet time for stories. I don’t look forward to any games. There just are none to look forward to. England, for example, had a tricky away tie to San Marino last Friday. Excitement just isn’t the word to describe it. Literally. It finished 8-0 in the end. It just begs the question…What is the point of this layout in the International scene?

We are now coming to the final stages of the league season. Its now a tense time for clubs and fans alike. Just when things start to get hot both ends of the table FIFA pull the blinds and lay on some Internationals. Obviously there is nothing wrong with playing these games but the timing could be a bit better.

The current International set up is just no good. Games come at the wrong time in a season and they are held too far apart. Having games months between each other doesn’t benefit anyone. Key players are being pulled from their clubs when they are needed and sometimes obtain unnecessary injuries.

A couple of seasons ago, you may remember Robin Van Persie being put out for months with a severe ankle injury in a pointless friendly. Arsenal were at a massive loss for most of the season because of a silly game being played at the wrong time. Most International managers have at some stage managed a club. They want to be able to work with players week in week out to work with them and develop a style of play. That cant happen in the Internationals as the players only spend a week together and the return to their club not to be seen for months.

I honestly believe that the quality of the International game suffers as a result of this. However there is a time in the international set up that isn’t boring. It happens every two years. weather it be a World Cup or European Championships. Why? because these competitions are a festival. They bring a buzz about which ever country they are being played in. Fans look forward to it the same as they would look forward to a new season.

The International game brings a different type of buzz than a Premier League season can, as a whole nation joins together to support one team in one colour and in one voice. It represents a country’s spirit, tradition and culture and displays it for the rest of the world to see. The World Cup itself brings a festival of feel good. FIFA are treating the game as it would a league season and as a result the game is losing its soul.

There is however a way to save it. Instead have playing once in a blue moon. Bring all the international games to one month in the year. Why not have all the games fixtures for May for example. Ending the league season early and gathering all the players together for one month can improve the quality of the game. The players will spend more time with their team and manager. Managers have a better chance to work the players he has an improve tactics, training and quality of play.

Clubs would also benefit as the don’t need their players during this time. There would be silly bickering about players going off on international duty for a silly friendly only for players to get injured. Although I’m positively sure that there will be something to have an argument about.

Its time to stop being bored with International game, waiting every two years for something to get excited about. Lets change it and get excited about it.

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