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Chelsea 4 vs 0 Bordeaux

17 September 2008, Stamford Bridge

Chelsea 4-14-1 usual. Scolari.                                              Bordeaux 4-1-4-1 Blanc

——————Cech——————-       ——————Rame——————

–Bosingwa-Carvhalo—–Terry–A Cole—-               —Jurietti–Planus——–Diawara–Placente-

——————Mikel——————          —————–Diarra—————–

–Jcole—-Deco———-Lampard–Malouda            –Gouffran–Fernando—-Gourcuff–Wendell–

—————-Anelka——————-        —————Chamakh——————

This morning Chelsea hosted Bordeaux for their opening game of the Champions League.

They say the end result doesn’t tell the whole story. Fortunately for Chelsea, it did today! This is a day to remember. Today was Luiz Felipe Scolari’s first Champions League game with Chelsea and it is was a stunner.

The goals were provided by Lampard, J Cole, Malouda and Anelka respectively. Our play was just too much for the French side. We took control of the game and the ball for that matter. Bordeaux had next to no possession.

Chelsea played are series of short passes, the same game they play in the EPL. Narrow midfield and attacking wingbacks was Chelsea’s main form of attack, Bosingwa took ten minutes to respond to Scolari’s rage. It is so good seeing a British football team play such brilliant football.

We kept our cool in defence, keeping Bordeaux’s shots low. Cech had a silent game, as there was nothing to save. Anelka is moulding well with “Big Phil” it is quite obvious if you see the improvement of his technicality. He is supposedly a trouble player to coach but Scolari is well on the way to keeping that under control and making him possibly the best strikrer in the world.

The only downside to the game was the lack of chances Chelsea created. Even though the Blues dominated the whole game the total shots was about 10. Anyhow, this game is  one of the most beautiful, most ambitious game Chelsea has played in the Champions League for quite some time.

If Chelsea keep playing to this standard, expect an all Blue 2008!

Written By Aaron Chen



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