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Chickens coming home to roost

So, it’s bye-bye Berg? Well done Venky’s. Don’t get me wrong, Berg wasn’t the right man for the job, but he was certainly on a hiding to nothing.

The simple facts are Berg took over a squad any sane person can see isn’t fit for purpose. This was a squad he didn’t even build, yet Berg’s paid the price for being unable to turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse. Yet no-one should be surprised it hasn’t worked out, because where Rovers are right now is the result of two years of mismanagement by Venky’s.

Allowing Kean to remain in the job beyond the end of last season was stupid in the extreme, though bringing in Shebby Singh as “Global Advisor” and expecting him to be anything other than a failure probably beats it for stupidity. Rovers can keep hiring and firing managers until the cows come home – or chickens come home to roost – but the simple facts are unless the club has properly structured and sensible leadership, the only way is down. Somehow, this appears to been have lost in the euphoria of seeing Kean leave.

Nowhere has this been more visible than in the direction taken by the BRFC Action Group. From an initial aim of seeing Rovers rid themselves of Kean AND Venky’s, they look from the outside to have completely taken their eye off the ball. No doubt those connected to the Group will argue differently, but they look like they’ve lost their way. Kean going should just have been the beginning and the pressure should’ve been cranked up on Venky’s. Cosying up to Singh was a big mistake and while the new walk-in centre was a great idea in practice, basing it at the ground only serves to fuel people’s perceptions of the Group having sold out.

So for those of you who have been blinded by seeing Kean leave, the time has come to re-focus on what is actually needed at Ewood. Forget “we need the right appointment” or waffle like that. What Rovers need now more than ever is Venky’s, Singh and the rest of the cowboys running out of town. To achieve this the fans need all the various “Supporters Groups” to put aside whatever stupid, self-serving, petty agendas they may or may not have and join together to formulate one single course of action to make it happen. Whether it’s a boycott or protests or everyone chipping in and buying the club doesn’t matter, but the fans and all the various groups need one single plan so everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Venky’s have had two years to show they’ve got what it takes to run a football club. They’ve failed. It’s time to take back our club.

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