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Welcome to the madhouse

So it’s Henning Berg? After almost five weeks of having everyone and his dog linked to the Rovers managerial vacancy, Berg’s the man we’ve seemingly settled on.

There was never going to be an appointment that suited everyone. Holloway, Solskjaer, Redknapp, Flitcroft and my dearly departed Grandma have all been touted and while they all had merit (my Gran knew her stuff), there are also things you could argue against appointing them (such as being dead).

Berg falls into the same category. On the plus side he’s young, no doubt ambitious and can walk into the dressing room armed with enough medals to command immediate respect. An additional bonus is he’s managed before, though his record in Norway is patchy.

That said, there appears to be sufficient evidence to suggest problems at board level were a factor in this, so the warning signs for Venky’s are there for all to see. Keep your beaks out and let him get on with it.

Throughout the process of finding the right man, Shebby Singh’s been getting it the neck regularly. It’s fair to say he’s made some boo-boos during his time at Ewood so far, but the fans shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that, but for Singh, Keanocchio would still be doing his thing. On that basis alone, he deserves cutting some slack.

It’s now vital for every supporter to pull together and give the new man their backing. Berg’s one of ours and given what he’s achieved with the club as a player, deserves everyone’s 100% backing.

Additionally, Venky’s have to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past two years and allow him to manage the club properly. Anything less, and the fans will quickly turn their attentions to them.

Assuming the appointment’s confirmed (anything can happen with Venky’s), Berg inherits a decent enough squad. There’s certainly room for improvements, and hopefully he’ll be allowed to make those in the January window. Rovers are already in the promotion-chasing pack giving him a solid base to work from.

So a returning hero gets the job. This is a good thing. Welcome to the madhouse Henning and good luck. History so far suggests you’ll need it.

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