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A club in Crisis

2nd in the SPL, Champions League, and the two domestic cups; not the crisis you may have in mind, but Rangers Football Club are now officially a club in major crisis. Manager Walter Smith yesterday announced to the media, that Scotland’s number 1 football club is being run by the banks. So where does the future lie for Rangers?

According to rumours, Rangers have recieved enquiries to buy the club, but no concrete bid of yet.

The supporters, like myself, are growing concerned and uncomfortable with current ongoings at Ibrox. Tuesday night, was a night that I’ll hopefully forget quickly enough, but as I’m writing this, I’m already cringing at the thoughts of the 4-1 embarrasment by Unirea Urzicieni. It was more than just the scoreline, more than just the performance, more than just the lack of fight in the team, but the expressions on the face of the manager, the players & the supporters was the final signal that Rangers Football Club is in need of a Leader. Long-standing chairman Sir David Murray, stepped down a few months back and Alistair Johnston, a former director, took over. – By the way, we still haven’t heard anything positive from this guy.

Rangers are a club, currently sinking in £30m of debt, no marketing skills, no scouting system at all, a hesitance to blood young players, a squad of over-paid players with no basic ability & a manager who’s reputation is hanging on a string. Its not laughable anymore, the mob across the city aren’t exactly better, but we can’t slag each other on a daily basis as we have to accept Rangers, and Celtic, and Scottish Football is dying infront of our eyes. Who out there can steer this sinking ship away from a disaster?

The patience, confidence and backing of the supporters is now wearing thin, the fans have had enough of being treated like absolute dirt, being treated like 2nd class citizens by the media, being treated like mugs by the manager and players – Right now, I have no confidence in anybody at Rangers Football Club.

So where does our future lie? Lets quickly dispell the myth of EPL2 and the Atlantic League.

We need a leader; we need one now.

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