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Time of Change For Rangers?

According to the Rangers official site and many rumours flying about the West of Scotland, it seems that a new mystery buyer is set to buy the majority of club shares. Sir David Murray, and his company, are currently assessing an offer at the moment.

Its been a very negative day, the media have been coming up with their scenarios of what they “think” will happen to Rangers. From the newspaper I read today, they believe that if we don’t find a buyer, we will have to sell all our players!

A statement was released today by the official club website, I don’t understand much of it, but here is the link if you’re interested.,,5~1838236,00.html

So, if we do get a new buyer, what actually will change at Rangers?
Will the fans be treated like supporters instead of customers?
Will the club maximise their potential with marketing and sponsor oppertunities?

Time will tell I guess, from a personal point of view, I really hope the new owner has Rangers or Football at heart and we don’t have the same problems that Hearts have had during the Romanov era. There are many things the owner will have to sort out immediatley. Scouting, Youth Development, Marketing, Sponsorship – just a few of the areas Rangers are currently very poor at. We need to STOP being negative, STOP playing 2nd fiddle to that mob across the city and start trying to be the best that Rangers Football Club can be.

The main thing, is that the new owner has to manage the club effectivley, without going over the top in transfer fees. Its time to look long-term, with investment in Youth football and scouting.



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