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Come What May

At the end of May we will all once again be fantasizing at the prospect of John Terry raising aloft the World Cup trophy, dreaming of that Wayne Rooney blockbuster winning goal in the final, and salivating at the prospect of watching some wonderful football. It will also mean the end of another season of following our clubs. But what did happen to your club, and what happened to mine?

This season has seen some wholesale changes at Huddersfield, another new birth at a club long since starved of success. Few people are aware of the little known fact that Town were the first team to win the Football League title three times in succession. It was a feat they achieved in the 1920s, many moons before Manchester United et al. Indeed Herbert Chapman was the first major success story in English coaching, winning two of those titles before leaving to become a hero at Arsenal. However, since then, a few false dawns aside, the club has failed to really produce again.

Step forward the new owner, Dean Hoyle, and his very ambitious coaching team led by Lee Clark, assisted by Terry McDermott. The club suddenly has real prospects of starting on another golden era, but stories like that of Hull City dont come often, so many clubs chase the same dream. This season, Clarks first full one in charge, has been anything but dull. Thumping home wins of 7-0 and 6-0 with a couple of 4-0’s thrown in have been hampered by a depressing story away from the Galpharm. Quite what turns these good players into “indifferent” ones (a tag I use to avoid an expletive) once they travel away is unknown. The odd rays of light away from the home patch this season have come in the main at Oldham, Leeds, and Newcastle so quite clearly there is some form of Bermuda Triangle, albeit somewhere around Nottingham, which strikes the players down on the team coach. The only exception to this rule was at the MK Dons. Herein lies the story of our season so far.

With any sort of away form, Huddersfield would be challenging for automatic promotion but the worrying thing is I’m not sure anyone really knows how to put this right, not the fans or the management. Decent performances have all too often resulted in nil points. Put simply, our season will now be determined by whether or not the away form can be turned around.

That aside, watching my club this season has been wonderful. We play a creative, sometimes mesmerising, form of football. The attacking players are all young, hungry, and talented. We have many reasons to be happy. Quite how the season will end I dont know, a play off place is the least the club should be aiming for and if that should happen the quality in the players will hopefully shine out. They are built for the big games.

However, league one is strong this season. I tip my hat to the likes of Leeds, Norwich, Charlton, and my own pre season promotion tip, Colchester. All very good sides. In addition there are another six or so really decent teams who can take points away from anyone. Huddersfield play Norwich, Charlton and Leeds in successive home games very soon and that will probably give us a major say in who comes out on top at the end of the season. For me Norwich seem unstoppable at the moment, it is hard to see how they can fail with current form. Leeds on the other hand seem to be stuttering a little, that may have something to do with the terrific success they are achieving in the FA Cup, but I fully expect them to join Norwich in gaining automatic promotion. That would probably leave Charlton, Colchester and then two from about eight in the play offs.

I hope Huddersfield are one of those two but whatever happens the club should stick with the current direction in management and attempt to build a lasting dynasty. If we are not there so be it, I think we all understand the perils of being a football fan. For that reason I wish all your clubs the best of luck and then, whatever happens come May, we can all look forward to that England World Cup triumph.

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