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Destination Universe: Amauri

The deal between Amauri and Juventus was said to be done many weeks ago but many problems have been plucked out along the way. As of yesterday morning, Amauri was to sign for Juventus next week but Amauri’s agent has demanded some extra cash in order to go through with the deal.  Amauri’s agent has asked Zamparini for 2 million cash in order to say goodbye to Amauri and send him to Juventus. This has led to Zamparini’s outburst and he said that he is furious at this call by Amauri’s agent.

“I was really satisfied with the deal that was reached this evening between the Grimaldi agents and the Juventus directors,” said an angry Zamparini yesterday.

“However, I received a strange call from the agents and they asked me for €2m in order to sign Amauri’s contract.

“I will not accept this and I am very disappointed.” 

This therefore leads to the continuation of the Amauri saga….let’s hope it ends soon, we are now getting bored of it.

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