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Domenech happy with France effort

In a press conference held just after the Italy game, Raymond Domenech praised the French players for doing their best against Italy. He did not hide his disappointment and attributed the loss to the red card and early penalty. He stated that he knew that it would be difficult to survive against Italy when he saw the incidents that took place early on the pitch: the Ribery injury, the sending-off and the Italian penalty. Donadoni was justly full of praise for the winning Italian squad but felt that Italy were playing better when France had 11 men on the field. He said that he will get the Italian squad ready for the big challenge of Spain in the quarter-finals.

“Yes, I am disappointed. But right now, after seeing the match and the players in the dressing room, I am proud of what they have shown.”

“We lost a player after 10 minutes, then saw Italy get a penalty and our player was sent off. That was a turning point.”

“That handed the result to Italy but I told them I am proud of what they did. I am proud to be their head coach. It is impossible to succeed having so many catastrophes on the pitch.” – Raymond Domenech

“It was a good performance. Perhaps we were playing better 11 against 11. After that, a bit of fear and nerves came in, but today it was a great response from all the lads.

“I never had any doubts. I knew that it would turn out like this. We’ve got a great group that really sticks together and has the right spirit.”

“Spain are a great team. We’ve got to be ready for them. The further we go the more difficult it’ll be. But we’ll be ready for them.” – Roberto Donadoni

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