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Drunk’n Review: Stoke 2 vs 0 Burnley

Dream Team
The Dream Team

I will do a review of every home match this season but unfortunately not away matches as I don’t have the funds to travel much; next year though will be different when I have a job; if I get one that is. But also it delves into the mind of a match I watched but later on getting drunk out of my brains and then trying to remember it all so the facts, stats and all that mumbo jumbo may be wrong.

The atmosphere before the game was very good with the usual beltings of Delilah and Ricardo Fuller City’s Number 10 coming from the Boothen End concourse with hairs standing on the back of my neck and a broad grin of excitement and anticipation and also trying not got caught with me sneaking in a home recipe drink (wink, wink). I arrive to my seat and notice a lot has changed with so many new faces and I was a bit sceptical and hoping they would carry on with the now Legendary atmosphere at the Brit; anyway the match got going and then a huge Delilah rang out an absolute pearler and I was thinking yes the atmosphere won’t die but later on you’ll know how wrong I was. The first 10 minutes we’re very scrappy with a few amount of chances either end and the visitors had the best shot with Blake turning a player and then shooting straight at Sorensen which was a basic save but only a minute later Stoke we’re ahead. Stoke got a freekick on the edge after a challenge from ex-Derby player Tyrone Mears on Ricardo Fuller on the edge of the box; A superb Liam Lawrence freekick was met with the rising tower that is Ryan Shawcross to head into the left hand side of the net and Stoke we’re 1-0 up. The atmosphere shot up a few notches and another Delilah got everyone back in the mood for a sing-song; Stoke we’re comfortable to let Burnley pass the ball and do nothing with it apart from give it away for a throw in or a Stoke player coming out with and we’re happy enough just to counter attack; It became drab with Stoke more likely to score with every bombardment of set pieces delievered in the box it was on the 33rd minute when Mr Slingshot (Rory Delap) threw the ball into the 18 yard box with a cracking header going into the net; the problem being it was Burnley player Stephen Jordan and gave us a 2-0 lead. And second half was boring nothing much happened apart from 2 good shots 1 coming from either side; a bit of good player and a nice shimmy by Wade Elliott saw a shot just go over and was the only time in the whole match Sorensen didn’t look all comfortable but had it covered; the other shot was a great ball to Dave Kitson into the Burnley box and he smashed the ball and bounced of the crossbar with the goalkeeper beaten. My drunk review is done now all left to do is the stats and my thoughts.

Performance: Not the best performance by The Potters but looked so comfortable which either shows Stoke are a very good side or Burnley are really poor. I do wish Burnley well this season but I just don’t know how there going to stay up.

Mozzaa Rating: 6/10

Atmosphere: Brilliant before the match, brilliant Delilah at the start, and the Handball shouting was fantastic (Now I need to explain to other supporters). The Burnley fans shouted handball for every time the ball hit a Stoke player in the Stoke box and to start it all off was with a suspected handball from Stoke favourite Andy Wilkinson which on replays showed it was ball to hand so we all decided to shout handball everytime either team’s players received the ball; you had to be there to laugh about it. Second half I was ashamed about Stoke’s atmosphere with only me and my dad singing with a few scattered around the place and the top half of Block 19 I’m pretty sure with better support by the rest of the Stoke fan’s we could of got a couple more.

Mozzaa Rating: 6/10

Officials: Burnley fan’s have been complaining over every Stoke incident including the handball appeals, the shirt tugging in the penalty area, Abdoulaye Faye tackles (to be completely honest he should of gone). But when we should of had a penalty for a clear handball and Stephen Jordan been the last man and only receiving a yellow they claimed to of been fair; how does that add up?. I thought they we’re poor with Burnley players diving several times and getting awarded freekicks for doing so.

Mozzaa Rating: 5/10

Visiting Supporters: They we’re decent by Premiership standards but still very poor vocally a good turnout and with it been there first match of the season you would expect party atmosphere but no they sat down for most of the match and we’re poor. One major incident has been subject to a few Burnley fans anger was that Ricardo Fuller rumoured to stick his middle finger up at a Burnley fan; but why though? I hear you ask; RACIAL ABUSE! that’s right there complaining about Ricardo Fuller been angered by some low-life shouting racial abuse; C’mon some of you Burnley fan’s wake up. Other than some of the idiots there a good bunch and shouldn’t be stereotyped.

Mozzaa Rating: 5/10 (Just for the racial abuse there docked points)

Mozzaa’s Player Ratings

Stoke: Sorensen 7, Wilkinson 6, Abdy Faye 6, Shawcross 7.5, Higgy 6, Lawrence 6.5, Rory 6, Whitehead 6, Etherington 5.5, Beattie 6, Fuller 6. Subs: Kitson 6.5, Whelan 6.5, Cresswell 6.

Burnley: Jensen 6, Mears 6, Carlisle 6.5, Jordan 5.5, Kalvenes 6, Blake 6, Alexander 6, McCann 6, Elliott 6.5, Fletcher 6, Paterson 6. Subs: Thompson 6, Guerrero 6, Eagles 6.

That’s my review; probably one of the worse pieces I have done so far but I have said I have been drunk since then. 

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