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The English Ticket Prices Dilemma

In the morning, when you don’t know what to do?

Well, what do you do? It all depends where you come from and how much money you’ve got doesn’t it. For example, if you’re an idiot like Piers Morgan, who had a go at Man City fans for refusing to pay £62 for a ticket to a football match. Well, I tell you what, you trying earning minimum wage and forking out £62 for your ticket, £40 for travel and then whatever you spend when you’re there. You wouldn’t be doing it would you. Football has always and should always be a working man’s game. £62 isn’t for the working man. It’s for your middle class, stiff up a lip folk that don’t belong at football. People who wear replica tops with obscene customised names on the back, people who wear full kits, people who buy half and half scarves for regular league games. In what realm does a football club charge fans £31 pounds more than last season because they’re league champions, it’s immoral. Nah, I’m not having it. The whole media euphoria around the Arsenal tickets being 62 quid, that’s all well and good but QPR charged Spurs £59 quid. My club, Everton, we got charged 55 quid for a ticket at QPR. It’s not acceptable, at least with Arsenal you might possibly make the argument that you’re going to a nice stadium and Arsenal are a decent side. But QPR, QPR. Loftus Road, it’s not exactly an enjoyable ground to visit. QPR are an average football team and they charge outrageous prices. How can it be right that Bayern Munich pay £96 for a season ticket and Man City fans were paying £62 today? It’s not like you’re seeing a substandard level of football for your money either is it. Bayern got to the European Cup final last year.

What can be done? Well, it’s a simple solution. Have a cap on the price of a football ticket. £25 maximum. There’s been a shout that clubs pay for travel for fans, that isn’t going to work. Sorry but it’s not. Football for quite lot men, and women, it’s about going the match with your mates, getting leathered. That’s proper footballing culture. If clubs were laying on free travel, with a steward on board. Do you think they’d be letting lads take their ale on the coach and allow them to smoke various substances? No I don’t. That’s why there has to be a cap on the actual ticket price. Then lads, and lasses alike, travel to away games like they do now. Still embracing true British football culture, without being fleeced for tickets. AGAINST MODERN FOOTBALL.

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