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Fabio Capello is now weaker than ever as John Terry takes the armband.


John Terry has been given back the armband, much to the disgrace of many England fans. Photo: Telegraph

Reports in the media in the last two weeks or so meant that we all knew it was coming. Despite so many warnings I still find myself in almost disbelief at the fact that John Terry is once again leading the England National Team in his role as Captain. I do not like John Terry one iota, which partly shapes the reason why I think Fabio Capello has made such a catastrophic error in once again ignoring the likes of Steven Gerrard. What should Capello have done (in my opinion)?

Firstly, goings on in John Terry’s private life have been more than well documented in recent times; suffice to say that perhaps John Terry may not be the ideal role model to the millions upon millions of England fans around the globe. Before delving further into why John Terry is an inappropriate captain for England, their will be a number of you reading this thinking “but Rio Ferdinand evaded a drugs test” and “Steven Gerrard has had his fair share of personal problems as well”. I agree with this, which is why I take a different stance on the issue all together.

Fabio Capello described John Terry’s absence as England Captain as “one year’s punishment”, suggesting that this is “enough” for Terry to have endured following allegations about his private life (which I am pretty sure have some substance). Does this not make a mockery of Rio Ferdinand’s spell as Captain; suggesting that he was simply filling in while ‘naughty’ John Terry got a slap on the wrist! I think such a turnaround from Capello shows little strength, but rather highlights the frail position he has put himself in. We as England fans know all about being starved of success and the need for significant change in the International set up. It was Steve McClaren who made Terry England Captain back in 2006′, someone who we all remember for the excellent decisions he made! We also remember that England did not even qualify for Euro 2008 (when Terry was captaining the side); something he chose to take full responsibility for.

One thing I do not like about the choice to give Terry the armband once again is the fact that Capello is citing injury to Ferdinand and Gerrard as one of the determining factors. Following a torrid World Cup I would have thought that going into a major tournament with hungry and more inexperienced faces would be the way to go; but I would imagine that the Euro 2012 squad will look vastly the same and will again result in disappointment. One thing Fabio Capello has got right in recent weeks was his assessment of Jack Wilshere, who he has eluded will captain England one day. Yes Fabio, I agree, so why not sooner rather than later? The problem I have is that given John Terry’s season for Chelsea I am not even sure he would make my starting 11! I honestly believe that John Terry is picked because of his perception as a ‘leader’, rather than his ability to defend at an Elite level. Maybe this is where we are going wrong?

Either way, I imagine most of the public will perceive Fabio Capello as weak following his decision. Essentially it will take someone special (Harry Redknapp) to make a bold move and give Terry his marching orders. I for one cannot wait for Redknapp to begin his tenure as England Manager (one that I hope will materialise). I think we will see the introduction of real quality and more importantly selection based upon form and ability, rather than the name on the Team Sheet.




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