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Money in Football

Football hit hard by the Global Recession – Never!

As Manchester City fork out a suspected 25 million pounds to buy Emanuel Adebayor after spending £25 million on Carlos Tevez, many “normal” citizens of every country in the world are losing money and finding life hard. However this is not such a big problem in the world of football as only the richest of people are involved. Of course, there has been incidents like at West Ham when the owners have been hit hard by the crisis but usually there is a way out of it. Here is my list of the big spenders and where the money comes from:

Real Madrid:

Last year Real Madrid had a revenue of around £290 million.

The club is owned by its members which are the fans so all the money is pumped straight back into the club instead of going to shareholders etc.

Overall, last season:

Commercial revenues accounted for 35% of income
Broadcasting income accounted for 37% of income
Matchday accounted for 28% of income

Manchester City:

The driving force behind Manchester City’s spending spree is from the owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, who has a personal fortune of £15billion and the Royal Family of Dubai plus other investors bringing the total to a staggering $1 Trillion. That is an incredible amount of money to have at a football club.

Manchester United

I would write about how Sir Alex Ferguson gets his money for the transfer kitty but he has announced that he won’t be buying any more players so what is the point.

Who are at the opposite end of the scale?

West Ham United

West Ham are still in a tough financial situation even with CB Holdings having taken over the club. Previous owner Björgólfur Guðmundsson was reported to be in £300 million debt which was not good news for the club and that meant that West Ham nearly went into administration – well that’s the basics. Now, fortunately for the fans and players alike, the club seems to be stable enough for the future and that was re-iterated with the LOAN signing of Luis Jiminez, you still haven’t spent any money guys!

So, as the world crumbles due to a global financial crisis, the footballing world is just about oblivious to it all. Aaahh “Ignorance is bliss.”

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