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The Tevez Debate, There’s Two Sides To Every Story

On Tuesday night a scene unravelled that has shocked the footballing world and bought tirade after tirade on Carlos Tevez from all corners of the sporting world. It appeared as though, at 2-0 down, Mancini asked his captain to warm up so he can enter the fray in Munich, the Argentine golden boot winner refused and stayed on the bench. This showed a complete lack of respect, professionalism and maybe worst of all camaraderie as his team mates would have seen their captain’s actions and would have been even more disheartened by his actions. The argument that has ensued involved Mancini claiming the emphatic forward won’t play for City again, Tevez back-pedalling and claiming things are still rosy and it was just a misunderstanding and City fans wanting Tevez’s head on a platter. Now this is the obvious reaction and in my opinion Tevez deserves every bit of slack he gets and it would be completely deserved if his reputation in the game can’t recover from this, however there is another side to the debate and it is one that suggests City bought the whole fiasco on themselves.

Tevez talks to City staff

To look at the causes of Tevez’s appalling actions we must go back to the January transfer window when another over saturated, hyped up transfer saga started, it came out that Tevez handed in a transfer request to his Eastland’s club. The club turned around and understandably stated they didn’t want to let their captain go, he re-settled and pulled out the excuse that it was all down to agents that made him hand in the request. Fast forward six months and once again Tevez became a want away, this time claiming that it was homesickness that was unsettling him, which is understandable, after all family should come first. A move to Tevez’s first senior club Corinthians looked to be on the card, however a massive air of confusion fell over the deal and it fell through. Now the argument for Tevez’s actions that I was getting at initially was the fact that if it wasn’t for this deal falling through the whole situation last night would have obviously been avoided. The reason the deal fell through and Tevez was kept at Eastlands this season was the money, it was City’s greed that forced a homesick striker to stay put and that’s why he is so disheartened that he doesn’t even want to play. If City didn’t try and squeeze as much money as possible out of the situation over the summer then Tevez would have been able to leave and the fiasco would have been avoided.

Another reason that may explain his shocking actions is the manager, Mancini is a sound manager, who is capable of bringing trophies to the blue side of Manchester, proven with the FA cup victory last year, but is he the right man to keep control of such big egos at the club? There have been numerous child like fits in the City camp, with Balotelli, Dzeko and obviously Tevez filling this list, the question arises, has Mancini got control over the squad? How can a manager react to such blatant disrespect from his top goalscorer? And is he going to have to eat his words and put Tevez back on his team sheet later in the year, which will be a massive embarrassment for the Italian tactician

In conclusion the events that occurred last night are ones that shouldn’t happen in football and it will further lower the opinion of footballers in the eyes of the public. However I do have a hint of sympathy for the Argentine as he’s stated for a long time now he doesn’t want to play for the club, and it would be difficult for a player to get motivated to play for a team that he probably despises as it has kept him and his family in the country against their wishes. Still he should accept that City are paying his wages and he’s contracted there, and he should fulfil his responsibility to the club until.

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