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France Euro 2012: team strong points

FRANCE are a solid team. They defend and attack as a unit, and are extremely good at doing it.

When they lose the ball, they hassle the opposition, forcing them into a mistake.

And when they possess it, they can be lethal. With an array of attacking talent (see previous posts), the likes of Benzema and Ribery have the talent to strike the lethal blow.

The constant switching of positions means it is nigh on impossible to man mark a player, otherwise you would be running around covering every blade of grass on the pitch.

The likes of Ribery, Malouda and Nasri all like to drop deep, but then attack as one and all have the ability to produce the unexpected.

Team spirit

This will be key for the French – arguments within the camp can lead to catastrophe, as the previous World Cup showed. However, unity can create a togetherness, a desire to win and a positivity that can ultimately lead to victory, as shown in Euro 2000.

Only six players have participated in a finals competition before, but that is not to say they are newcomers. Many have experienced European football from this past season, including Ribery and Malouda who fought out the Champions League Final in Munich.

Under Laurent Blanc, team spirit appears to be good – although being on a 21-game unbeaten run surely helps!

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