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Any future for Coventry City? Is part of the answer Dennis Wise!

What’s good about being a Coventry fan? Well not a lot I can tell you that. With relegation to League One which the Sky Blues haven’t stooped as low since 1964, which were the glory days of Jimmy Hill which unfortunately I was not alive to witness.

So back to reality, Sky Blues lay in 20th place, not winning a league game this season, struggling to get any turnouts at all and what do they do? Charge adults £22 to watch League One football which was on Sky against Stevenage!

I read an article from the Daily Mail which really gave me the reason to write this, which made us out to be con artists, I totally agree with them, the line “£22 to watch one of your highest earners in Gary McSheffery sitting on the bench” just sums up what kind of owners we have in SISU. I admit we are stuck with them, because truly who would want to invest in a club like Coventry!

With over £30 million in debt and not even owning any part of the stadium we just look like a bunch of clowns who have no appeal whatsoever!  What ever happened to Gary Hoffman and his Chinese billions? Oh it was never going to happen. That’s the true pain of a Coventry City fan, we build our hopes up and it’s just turns out to be complete disappointment.

Feel sorry for every person who has worked under them, especially Andy Thorn, if he could have had financial backing last season we could have stayed in the Championship! I agree it was the right decision to let him go now as he has revamped the squad to a certain extent and it hasn’t paid off. So is there any future for Coventry City, as SISU are more likely to stick around I can’t see much for progression.

I guess some good news is that they are actually starting to show an interest and admitting they got it wrong last season, but in my opinion it’s too late for that. With the Sky Blues set to appoint a manager either this week or the next. I’m hoping for someone who will not take any nonsense from either the players or the board, so the answer is simply Dennis Wise!

We were at our best when he played for us, so I’d give him a go myself. Back to the attendance part, just over 14000 for the last 2 games, okay they were not glamorous ties but a stadium like the Ricoh Arena with a 32,500 capacity that’s not even half! So I’m not surprise people didn’t go with them charging £22 for such ill quality football on offer.

If there is any future then they need to get the fans back on side, £18 max I think adults should pay to watch this kind of quality. On to the matter of the rent row and getting them to half it from £1.2million a year to £600000 is a good offer, but what did they do, they still refused it! So as well as getting the fans back on side they need to start making revenue and getting the rent down and owning a half share in the Arena the way forward. If they achieve this then I will start to believe that are club is an actual matter now. Might be waiting a long time though Coventry fans. Unless I win the Euro millions of course! PUSB

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