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Germany Euro 2012: “Mole” threatens to derail Germany’s bid for glory

Veni, vidi, vici. To many, Germany’s 4-2 victory over Greece on Friday in Gdansk seemed nothing more than a formality; the German team showed up, walked onto the pitch and managed an hour and a half without any humiliating catastrophes. Now the time is for focus on the task ahead, namely Italy on Friday in the semi-final of the European Championships.

However, for Philip Lahm and Joachim Loew in particular, there is a concern potentially even more pressing. Before Friday’s “bailout duel”, the German starting XI, which was surprisingly sprinkled with younger players,was released to the public, hours before it should have been. Whilst this did not deter the Germans from claiming a comfortable victory at the expense of Greece, against higher quality opposition – such as Cesare Pandelli’s Italy – Loew’s side could be punished.

Captain Lahm, branded the leak a “disgrace”, and continued saying; “It is an issue, I must admit it and I think now everyone should be aware who he passes the line-up to, we must be extra careful now. Whether someone play or they do not play, it is out of the question to pass the line-up to advisors. Exchanges with closest family are understandable, but that is it. It’s a pity if leaks occur. The whole nation is behind us so it’s a disgrace for the line-up to be in the public eye so early. The one with the problem is the guy who has done this because he is damaging the hopes of the entire nation. It’s a shame, but we won’t be hiring a detective.”

Joachim Loew, the German manager, was clearly agitated by the leak which could compromise his teams position prior to their semi-final match and perhaps the following match – whether it be the final or the semi final.

Loew claimed that agents – widely criticized for over activity and greediness – were the source of the leak;  “I cannot explain how the list was leaked. Maybe a player spoke with his agent”.


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