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Goodbye France

I would like to say Well Done to Italy and all italian fans for having qualified. I am not a bad loser, so I will admit that the Italian squad was much better than the French selection. Mistakes where made, and these should incentive France to right the wrongs, and improve for future competitions. It’s very unlikely that I will be reporting on France in the future, as I’m an England fan and England will surely qualify for the coming competitions, but I must say I enjoyed reporting and learning about the French side.

At the beginning, they were tipped as potential winners, but their chances of success began deteriorating ever since they disappointed in the preparation friendlies against South American countries. I wish all French supporters who have been viewing this blog better luck in future competitions. You have a team with amazing players, but unfortunately, they did not combine together to achieve success this summer.

Regarding Italy, I must say the truth…I really hope your success does not last long and hope you will be eliminated against Spain or against Holland. You are NOT the best team in Euro 2008. Portugal, Spain and Holland are the teams to look out for, and the teams which deserve glory this year.



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