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Home and Away, Never, Give Me Football Anyday.

Recently while sitting at home not knowing what to do, I came across an episode of Home and Away, the Australian TV soap. To be honest its been well over six months since I last watched the show or any of other ten thousand soaps that are on the box. As I was watching I began to notice that even though six months had past since my last endeavour the story hadn’t changed.

Basically long story short it was two people who were getting married and just at the pivotal moment another man bursts in to proclaim his true and undying love(to who I don’t know)to which they run away together and be happy for six month until one of them gets fed up of the other. And for regular viewers of EastEnders most stories usually end up on a roof for the character to meet an unfortunate end….or so we think as the character makes a dramatic return several months later, usually because the actor is running out of money as a result of a failed career elsewhere.

And as a result, this has got me thinking, Football is never really like that……in fact its much better.

Lets compare for a moment the reality show that was Big Brother. Now to be honest I never really watched the show, simply because I have intelligence. But from the few times I did have the mis-fortune of watching it, all I could gather was Channel 4 grabbed the most stupid people they could find,thus disproving Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and put them in house to let people watch them do absolutely nothing. In essence they tried to create reality and it was a failure.

Football is real simply because it is not a game that is just watched. It is a game that is lived. On any given weekend in the Premier League for example, absolutely anything can happen. Its not something that can be scripted or rehearsed, its not something that that can be put in a room and re-created. Its a game that is talked about in work, pubs and social media, where everyone’s opinion counts. Where everyone’s opinion no matter how crazy is never wrong. Its a game where people can see the same thing yet can give a completely different view on the matter.

Last seasons finale with Manchester City winning the title with the last kicked is a prime example of what I am on about. Even before that magnificent day. all season long the twists and turn that the league took was almost exhausting. One day Man Utd had it all sown up and suddenly without warning a simple draw or loss and the pendulum swung the other way. And this drama was evident all throughout the league. Every place in the league was fought for and changed so many times, from the top of the league, to the champions league places in which Arsenal, Newcastle, Tottenham and Chelsea were slugging it out for two places, right the way down to the relegation dogfight.

This season alone has provided many huge talking points that could never have been seen coming. Including incidents that have happened outside the simple game that football is. Incidents such as Anton Ferdinand not shaking John Terry’s hand, Fans who call for managers to be replaced such as Brendan Rodgers after only four games in charge. Even the opening game of the season for Man City was no walk in the park people were expecting it to be.

Coming back to the Home and Away thing. It is probable that the wedding I watched was being built up within the show for sometime leading up to the big day. But the problem I have was the ending to this little narrative was obvious and was only a matter of time until it concluded to its quiet frankly predictable ending. Never in a million years would anyone of ever predicted was to happen on the final day of last seen……. and that makes it real.

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