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I wish we didn’t score

“I have seen a jump of more players, the ball bounced to Turkish player, his shot shaved Robert Kovač and turned it into the fork”, described Pletikosa the worse goal in his life.


The last two minutes of dramatic quarter finale match between Croatia and Turkey on Euro have been watched more than ten times in the last few days, but how did that situation look like from the perspective of Stipe Pletikosa?


Plete claims that he would defend Semih’s shot in the first second of the 122nd minute if the ball on its way towards the goal hasn’t shaved Robert Kovač.

“I had a feeling that the ball was going on the orbit in which I could throw it out. But, now it’s all together so unimportant. There’s no recovery for this, this is a scar which will over the time heal a little bit, but it will hurt in every moment. That is terrible”, even few days later Croatian goalkeeper is still inconsolable.

He still has the tears of Darijo Srna in front of his eyes and the pain which is hard to be curt with even after returning to Croatia.

“It was hard for me, but when I saw the sadness, crying and groans of younger players, then I broke down. This is terrible, I’m so sad, this is an injury which will hurt during the rest of our lives”, said Plete.

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