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Infuriated Killer


The best intro into the story of the great return of Ivan Klasnić (Killer) into the national team gave Slaven Bilić at the press conference after the match with Poland:

“You can play in any system which fits you, but for goals you need Killers like this one next to me. Thank God, we have that. We all prayed for him in the hardest moments, but he had a great belief ever since the first day, he was actually braving us. With that faith in his own power and with God, not only that he  has recover, but his playing on the phenomenal level. Being the first striker of Werder and return to the national squad like this, that’s one perfect story”,said Nane when he was asked how does he see the best player and the only goalscorer in 1:0 victory over Poland.

Killer was also unambiguous, he was pretty annoyed with the fact that some crossed the second team out even before the start of the match:

“I’m very happy that we won. Croatia, German and Austrian journalists were saying that day that this is the C-squad, but we have showed that we are not fucking around at this Euro. And the selector can put us in every time. Thanks to the boys! I’m very happy and proud”, cracked out Ivan at the press conference and added:

“I think we all left our hearts on the field for Croatia because we were obliged to win this match and all nine points. Now we’ll first enjoy, and than we have few more days till Turkey when we’ll make another spectacle”, promised Killer.

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