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Lanzafame the Italian Ronaldo


Davide Lanzafame, the Juventus youngster who is set to be exchanged in the deal with Palermo to finally conclude the Amauri deal has been constantly labelled as the new Cristiano Ronaldo of Italy. The Italian bomber has made a huge impression with his loan move to Bari and coach Antonio Conte compared him to Ronaldo.Furthermore, as he is currently playing in the Toulon Tournament with the Italy Squad of Casiraghi, he scored against Turkey and impressed alot too in that match. This led to the Italy coach adding on to Conte’s remarks about the style of Lanzafame and Ronaldo… He’ll definitely be a threat against the Bianconeri the next season when he joins Palermo.

“We can say that David Lanzafame vaguely resembles Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Casiraghi.

“He has explosive power in his legs, speed on the ground, a sense of goal.”

Despite Lanzafame’s superb potential, Juventus are set to sell half of his contract to Palermo as part of the deal that will see Amauri arrive in Turin.

“Palermo is a hot and passionate city,” said Lanzafame.

“It is a little like Bari, although it will be a higher level in Serie A.”


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