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Has loyalty in managers gone for good?

With Sir Alex Ferguson being lauded for 26 years in charge of Manchester United, the blue side of Manchester has said farewell to Roberto Mancini, the man that got them their first League title in 44 years.
Granted, it wasn’t the best kept secret in club Football but shouldn’t clubs keep faith for a little longer?

Sir Alex didn’t win his first cup till 1990. He was given time, but now in a modern age where teams seemingly are Millionaire’s (and Billionaire’s) monopoly squares, time seems to be the only resource managers of these clubs don’t have. Even Cup triumphs can’t save a manager these days, as shown in the cases of Di Matteo and Dalglish.

Sir Alex helped create United into a rich and powerful club, this is obviously the difference from the ready made Russian Roulette of the Chelski hot seat and the other clubs, but why should it be? Owners should be able to see managers need time to build consistent champion teams, the 38 trophies in 26 years on Sir Alex’s CV, speak for themselves.

The future may be that managers will be on a rolling yearly or six monthly deals, the commodity of management will be embraced by the clubs when it suits for short term, only to be shunned and discarded at the drop of a hat. I hope that this isn’t the case, though the clubs with newer money within the game seem to be unable to trust a manager’s judgement over a season; not helped by some equally impatient fans.

Many say there will never be another Sir Alex, I hope for the sake of the game this isn’t true and that the lack of patience from clubs hierarchy and the fans don’t continue the trend of manager musical chairs.

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