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Luka Modric: Return To England

Luka Modric was a huge success in his four seasons with Tottenham Hotspur. In those four years he became an integrate part of the Spurs squad and played a huge part in their qualification and success in their Champions League campaign. In the summer of 2011 it was revealed that Modric wanted to move away from Spurs (most likely because of their failure to qualify for the champions league) and Chelsea then looked set to swoop the  play maker however Daniel Levy somehow managed to keep him for one last season which ended in disappointment as Spurs missed out on Champions League qualification due to Chelsea’s Champions League victory. That summer Modric moved to Real Madrid for a sum of around 30million.

It was clear that there was issues in the Real Madrid dressing room and it was perhaps, not a surprise, to see Mourhnou’s ‘foriegner’ (in the eyes of many of the Spanish players) starting on the bench. However as Mourinho’s structure at the Santiago Bernabeu began to crumble Modric found himself playing the occasional game in an unfamiliar formation of 4-2-3-1, much different to the 4-4-1-1 he had been part of at Spurs. The Spanish press and population were not impressed by Modric and voted him the biggest flop of La Liga of the 12/13 season. The Spanish press have regarded him as medioacre ever since, despite some stellar performances, and are ready to slate him at a moments notice.

Whoever replaces Mourinho at Real Madrid will have a hard job appease the fans’ favrouites Benzema, Ronaldo, Ozil and Xavi Alonso. Modric will be a fringe squad member and will be more neglected than the stars at the Bernabeu have been this season. He will not get the game time he deserves and needs to keep up his level of quality. He will go stale every month he does not play (regularly) in Spain.

However my strongest point in why Modric should return to England is when the La Liga Champions met Manchester United in the Champions League last 16. United were down to 10 men but 1-0 up and were holding out for the victory. They looked secure at the back and dangerous on the counter. That was until Luka Modric came on. It can be seen from two views: a masterstroke from Mourhino or a wonderful performance by the Croatian. Modric ran the midfield from the moment he came on. He upped the tempo, passes from the whole team became sharper and the wingers became more effective and let us not forget that Modric scored a cracking 25 yard goal that equalled up the scores. However ‘ineffective’ Modric may have been in Spain he came into his own back on English soil and proved he has what it takes to play at the highest level against the best of English (and world) teams.

If Modric was to return to England who would take him? There would be a number of top clubs interested. Spurs would be to much of a small club for him (at the moment) although if they had qualified for the Champions League he may have been tempted to return. Arsenal would receive a huge amount of critism for buying their rivals x-star player. Manchester City already have enough midfielders and Luka Modric would be hard fought to get a game. The two main suitors are Manchester United and Chelsea. Manchester United are in the market for a central midfielder although David Moyes is more likely to be going for Marouane Fellaini or Cesc Fabregas. Mourhino is to start the revoloution at Chelsea and seen as he was the one to take Luke to Madrid we can be sure that he will be monetering the situation closely. This is all hypothetical and increasingly unlikely as Modric himself has come out and said he has no intention of leaving the Spanish club.

There are four main reasons why Luka Modric should leave Real Madrid: He is not appreciated in La Liga, he is an underdog and always will be in the heavily egotistical Spanish dressing room therefore that will (maybe) deprive him of game time and also he has shown that he is at least 10 times more effective against English clubs than Spanish Clubs and he has also proven he can play more then well enough for a spot in a starting eleven of the Champions League.

Finally the fourth, and perhaps most important reason, is that in the Spanish league as the two main competitors are Real Madrid and Barcelona and they are expected to win everything. You can win La Liga, the Copa Del Ray and The Champions League in a matter of a few seasons. In Engand it is far more competitive and because of this it is harder and perhaps more rewarding when you win those trophies – apart from The Champions League – and that (including those above) is why Luka Modric should return to England.






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