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The Mourinho Sparkle, What the EPL may need

I have always been a Jose Mourinho cynic, since his ‘Special One’ days at Chelsea where the focus and lens of the media were stuck on him and he thrived off it. His antics rivalled That of Di Canio, his tactical know how and ability to win trophies rivalled Ferguson and his mind games rivalled those of Derren Brown. However, he had his critics, some refused to get caught up in his orgy of egocentrism and self worth and believed his circus was bad for English football. I was one such critic, a cynic I would call myself, but I never took away his achievements, I couldn’t, not when he had won what he won, Champions Leagues, top flight leagues and cups. His CV is excellent and his achievements speak for themselves but what he brings to the league he graces is all together something else. He rivals the top managers yet pulls people into his sphere of football as people talk about him, whether positive or negative.

The reason I have mentioned his theatrics is the excitement that it brings to the league and to the press and that buzz has felt a little lacklustre in the Premier League. If you look at the top flight clubs In the league and I’m going to say,to some argument, the big seven. Manchester United’s Ferguson is part of the furniture and gives good insights and often controversial comments but we are very used to it. Manchester City’s Mancini is a good manager but players don’t want to play for him like they do for managers like Mourinho and Ferguson and his criticism of his players highlights this. Chelsea’s Benetiz just brings a circus rather a show. Andre Villas Boas is a fantastic manager yet is humble in his media spotlight. Wenger’s tired old excuses leave very little to the imagination, a drinking game could be formed on his post match interviews. Rodgers is the same as AVB, a true football tactician, his view is always respectable and on point. Everton’s Moyes is mostly the same as well, a humble yet sometimes beguiled man that is the neutrals favourite. They are all fantastic managers and I have the greatest respect for them but You must ask would Mourinho being part of that list at the expense of one make it a little more exciting. It does depend on who he replaces and that is totally down to personal opinion. Don’t think I’m saying I expect Mourinho to be the next Everton manager but I wanted to include all of the big guns.

No matter what your opinion of Mourinho, he surely does bring a sparkle, whether its a shine of enjoyment or its an annoying light that just gets in your eyes and makes them sore.

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