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Pride comes before a fall for Rivals

After criticising France for getting just one point from the match against Romania, and laughing it the faces of the French players and Raymond Domenech, it seems that France will have the last laugh. An impartial football viewer is delighting with a beautiful game of football in Bern, where just 45 minutes have passed until now. The Netherlands are dominating the game all over the pitch, with Italy not even able to hold possession without gifting the ball to their opponents. No one would have dreamt before the game that the ‘World Champions’ would be losing at half-time, but facts are facts, and Italy go in the dressing-room trailing by two goals: sensational goals I should say, from Real Madrid players van Nistelrooy and Sneider.

This result must have been welcomed delightfully by the French supporters, with the rivalry growing between the two clubs ever since the World Cup 2006 Final. My last words are a wish to congratulate the World Champions (whose head seems to be too big after their last success) and to keep their great work up! They should be out of the group stage before too long with these kind of performances.



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