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Romania vs France: Report

A 0-0 draw was the first score of the French squad in Euro 2008. It was a very tight game with a few chances on goal and a few threats posed to the goalkeepers. Romania and France are two of the best sides, defensively, and as from the first minutes, it was clear that we won’t be having much goals in the match. To make things worse, the performance of the French attack wasn’t very good and they failed to turn their competitive experience superiority into goals.

Thus, France gets just one point from the first matchday and will be hoping for a favourable result in tonight’s match. Although some people are already writing off France’s chances of winning the tournament, France are still contenders to lift the cup on the 29th June. A loss for the Italian side, tonight, against the Netherlands would be the ideal score for France.

For the official report of the match, visit this website.

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