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Ronaldo agrees with Blatter’s daft comments

Sepp Blatter was never a Manchester United or England fan. He would take the slightest opportunity to have a dig at the Premier League or individual Premier League clubs. And, his comments are always stupid and utter nonsense. Our lovely friend Sepp has now decided to criticise contracts. He branded them as modern-day forms of slavery, keeping a player tied with a club for a period of time.

What Mr Blatter is forgetting here is that he is also tied with a contract with FIFA! He wouldn’t be getting his hefty paycheck at the end of the month unless he signed his contract. Also, slaves are not given the opportunity to become slaves, for God’s sake!

What I’m getting at is that, would a slave sign a piece of paper to become a slave? Players themselves become voluntarily attached to a club for a specified number of years. Without contracts there would be total chaos. It’s not like they are bought as cows at the market. The comments by Blatter were criticised even by legendary player Pele, who tried to talk some sense in the FIFA President’s empty head-skull. Read Pele’s comments on the BBC Website.

Of all people, its Cristiano Ronaldo who agreed with Blatter’s nonsense. The sensational winger wants to go, so be it! No player is irreplaceable. When we thought we wouldn’t be able to replace David Beckham, Ronaldo came around, and I’m sure another player will replace the Portuguese, even under Fergie’s reign. It may come in the form of Nani, who has the necessary qualities to be extremely similar to Cristiano. Or else it may come in the form of another player. There are tens of potential world-class talents in Argentina, Spain, Portugal and Brazil, that could make it to the big stage. However, if Fergie decides to keep Moan Ron, then he must be 100% sure that the player will continue playing well for the club. Queiroz’s departure is unlikely to make this possible, unfortunately.


The Sun has come up with a wonderful initiative…BRINGING DOWN BLATTER! The paper is asking all readers to sign a petition to relieve the old Swiss from his position at the top of the world’s beautiful game. We at Blogfc would like to back this petition, and would like our readers to sign it. Click the link below to be redirected. Thousands of football-lovers have already signed the petition.

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