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Slap on the wrist for Rams and Forest

Well the FA have pulled no punches by charging Derby and Forest for the mass brawl on Saturday, and quite right they are too because neither side controlled their players. It was good to see brain dead Nathan Tyson was singled out and punished himself for his actions, i’m glad he didn’t get away with it but why does the poison dwarf Davies keep dropping the Savage incident into every conversation? Savage’s scraf waving clearly didn’t upset anybody last season because not one person from Forest mentioned it until now, until one of their players has acted like a prat and suddenly they’re out on the attack at Derby. Very petty actions from Forest but do we really expect anything less from Billy Davies?

Both clubs have got until 18th September but I would be disappointed in Derby if they did appeal, the players were at fault and the club should take responsibility for that. I fully expect Forest to appeal Tyson’s improper conduct charge but hope the FA throw the book at him. The only frustrating thing about all of this is the fact that they’ve already decided what’s going to happen to Derby and Forest yet the West Ham and Millwall trouble hasn’t been addressed yet. Surely the rioting is a lot worse than the handbags at the City Ground???

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