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Suarez Swagger – The Player Who Has It All To Become Premier Leagues’s Biggest Star

It’s great to see the premiership with another superstar in the shape of Luis Suarez. Superstars have been in abundance over the premiership years with the likes of Zola, Henry, Bergkamp, Ronaldo, etc but Suarez is the next on that prestigious list. Yes vast quantities of money have been spent this season but apart from perhaps Aguero their were no new superstars brought to the premiership.

Aguero is class and finishes well but does he have the magic of Suarez. Aguero also has the luxury of the other new superstar of the premiership to gift wrap most of his goals – David Silva and boy can he play but when you’ve been brought through the ranks withe like of Xavi and Iniesta is this no suprise.

So back to Suarez who has that je ne sais quoi or as the latest interpretation spells it out the Swagger. This is a player who has it all to become the biggest star in the premiership and potentially the next in line to Messi/Ronaldo, I still find it hard to split these two.

He has the drive, selfishness, desire and most of the technical ability to succeed anywhere. Liverpool got him at a snip at £22m and already he is double that value. If they spent £35m on Carroll then by that comparison he’s worth £100m but then how much would Messi be worth?

So we’re blessed to have the pleasure to watch this player week in week out and with Kenny at the helm I’m sure this combination will make Liverpool a force to be reckoned with again.

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