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The Final Countdown

Recall all the greatest moments of the 13th European Championship and the way Germany and Spain have carved out their chance to fight for the fourth, apropos the second title of the champions of the Old continent.


The team of Luis Aragones, which doesn’t know for anything but victory in last 21 matches, after full 24 years has another chance to win the Henri Delaunay trophy.

Here is a video of all Spanish and German matches on this Euro. German way over Poland and Austria, but also and 2:1 defeat to Croatia in the group stage; 3:2 victory to Portugal and extra dramatic last minute victory to Turkey. Spaniards came to the final unbeaten. In order have fallen down Russia (4:1), Sweden (2:1), present European champions Greece (2:1),present world champions Italy in penalty shootout and finally, Russia one more time (3:0).


The only time when Furia was on the roof of the Old continent was in 1964, after beating CCCP with 2:1 in final in Madrid. Another time when they were in the final was 24 years later in Paris, when Michel Platini and Bruno Bellone led France to the title (France 2:0 Spain).


On the other side, Elf has won European champions title three times: 1972 in Belgium, 1980 in Italy and 1996 in England, while the only scar on their way to the record sixth final has been made by Croatia with 2:1 defeat in Klagenfurt in the second round of group B.


And while it is confirmed that currently the best goalscorer of this Euro with four goals David Villa won’t be able to play for Spain because of muscle strain gained in a semi-final match against Russia, Germans have to face the possibility of losing their captain Michael Ballack because he has renewed his calf injury.

Statistics, which, the truth is, doesn’t mean a lot, is on the side of Spain. They have scored the most goals (11) on this Euro (not counting the penalties against Italy) and conceded only 0.6 goals per match (better is only Croatia with 0.5).


Spaniards also have the deadlier and the most dangerous attack which, in five matches, made 44 shots on target (Germany made only 23), and they are also the only national team with the treble number of produced actions (101).

Anyway, the paper advantage of Furia against invincible Elf will lose any sense at 20.45, when Italian referee Roberto Rosseti gives a signal that the 13th final of European championship may begin.


Then, only 90 minutes (or 120) will remain to prove who earned to take over the title of the best European team from Greece.

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