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It’s time to stand by our club!

Over the past few months Cardiff City FC have been dragged through the mud on numerous occassions, with the ‘Golden Ticket’ Scheme, the unpaid tax bills and the club owing money to a number of organisations. Another protest is apparently being organised for Saturday’s game agaisnt Middlesbrough, this will only make the situation worse. The fans have to unite and stand by our club, get behind the players and show them that we will stick by them NO MATTER WHAT! Football is our passion, our religion and we should not damage the clubs already tarnished reputation. As a fan myself I am angry with whats go on over the past few months, and by the looks of it, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. With that in mind we have to stand for whats right and do what the Cardiff fans do best, “Support the boys and make some noise!”.

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