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UEFA Win ‘Lets Kill Football Award’

For me football has reached new lows this week . What am I referring to?  Gennaro Gattuso assaulting Tottenham coach Joe Jordon after their heroic 1-0 win against AC Milan at the San Siro.  Millwall ‘fans’ throwing plastic beer bottles on the pitch during their 3-2 defeat to Middlesbrough.  Both shocking incidents that have no place in football, but no, this weeks ‘Lets Kill Football Award’ goes to UEFA after they revealed the cheapest tickets for the UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley will cost a staggering £150 PLUS an extortionate £26 admin fee!

April Fool’s Day has come early this year folks, because this has to be a joke!

This is the first time the Champions League Final will take place at Wembley, it should be a joyous occasion, the greatest Club Football Competition in the World comes home, and who would bet against 2 English teams meeting in the final.  It would be a dream to see two English teams battle it out in the UEFA Champion’s League Final at Wembley.  Sadly I fear for me and 1000’s more ‘working class’ football fan’s the dream is dead.

How many people in this day and age can spare £176 to go watch a football match in the ‘cheap seats’?  That’s not even taking into consideration travel, food, drink, and a souvenir of this momentous occasion.

Maths isn’t my strong point but look at it like this, a game of football is 90 minutes long so you are paying about £1.95 per minute!  Then consider the ball is actually only in live play an average of 70 minutes, this means your paying approximately £2.50 a minute!   You can phone certain Premium Rate numbers for cheaper!

Then there’s the ridiculous £26 ‘Admin Charge’, whats that for?  Sticking some tickets in an envelope and sending them?  If this is the case I’m in the wrong job!

Last year UEFA President Michele Platini moved the Champions League Final from midweek to a Saturday evening so more children could watch the biggest game in club football.  Mum’s and dad’s be grateful because there’s a package!  One adult and one child can go to the Champions League Final at Wembley on May 28th for only £338!

Are the people that can afford these tickets the fans that will watch their team come rain or shine, singing their heart out?  Do they wear their football shirt with pride?

There were over 70,000 fan’s at a hostile San Siro last Tuesday night, only 4000 or so Tottenham fan’s and yet you could hear the Spurs fan’s singing throughout the match. I wonder if Spurs continue their amazing run and get to the Champions League Final , how many of those fans that were in Milan could afford to go to the final at Wembley?  My guess, not many.

My worry is that come May 28th, Wembley will have no atmosphere and will be full of  ‘Corporate Football Fans’, while the ‘Real Football Fans’ like myself will be sat at home watching it on the TV.

Money is killing the game I love.



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