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Wenger’s Arsenal Reign Coming To An End?

As a fan of Arsenal Football Club and a regular at the Emirates every decision, tactic and signing is being heavily judged and doubted by the fans, so is it about time Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Football Club part ways?

There’s so many negatives and positives of Arsene Wenger which I will discuss in this article but Wenger I do not blame, the Board’s ambitions are insulting to the Arsenal fans who pay extremely high money to go and watch there beloved club play Football, Peter Hill-Wood recently came out and said that if Arsenal do not finish in the top 4 then it ‘would not be the end of the world’ and this really got me thinking and I completely disagree and got me quite annoyed because if Arsenal do not finish in the top 4, lets be fair and say why would Robin Van-Persie want to stay at Arsenal when he could double his wages and play Champions league football with better players and win silverware. What top quality players will want to come to Arsenal when the inevitable will happen and these players will go for money and sign for Manchester City, Chelsea or Real Madrid. Think about it in your jobs if you could triple your wages, work at the best company around and achieve better in life, there is no way you would turn it down.

Be honest if a club went from being ‘the invincibles’ to struggling for top 4 and not playing the exciting football we once played and going 6 years without any silverware, would the manager still be in that job? personally I think not. If Wenger had signed an already made and proven replacement for Patrick Viera, Robert Pires and Freddie Ljungberg maybe we would still be challenging for the title, the reason he didn’t was that he trusted in youth and a lot of them have not turned out the way he may have hoped a lot through injury problems, and once again arguably the best central midfielder in the world Cesc Fabregas has left the club for a laughable fee of 36 million pounds pretty much the same price of a striker who had half a season in the Premier league and hardly set it alight and now he can not score for toffee, of course I am on about Andy Carroll, one has to question just why Fabregas was sold and why the fee was so minimal seeing as he was in still in contract for quite a long time.

Wenger is known to find a gem and I think Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is just that for a player to be the age of 18 and have the tactical awareness, strength, pace and skill is frightening and the big thing in football; confidence I have never seen a player at 18 to have so much confidence, eyebrows where raised at a price-tag of £15m pounds and admittedly I also doubted this signing but my word was we all wrong, in my opinion he makes Walcott look like a Sunday league player after three starts in the Premier league.

We all look at getting top four year after year as a bad thing, but….is it? Wenger over the past six seasons has made more money from transfers than he has spent, the same six years we have been trophyless, coincidence? I think not. On the other hand one has to praise and notice that Wenger has kept the club in the top four without spending mass money. Could Roberto Mancini do that? Mourinho? I think not. Yet I do think his time as Arsenal manager has come to an end and he cannot take the club any further, I would love for him to hold his hands up and gracefully leave the managerial role and still be regarded as a legend and a world class manager before he turns into an embarrassment.

But the major question for everyone is; Who could realistically replace Wenger with the board unwilling to part with funds? And who really is a better manager and better suited for the Arsenal job than Arsene Wenger?

Please share your opinions in the comments below because the opinions are so diverse and I genuinely do not know who could take this club forward without shipping out huge funds.



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