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Can we win?

We have already had two very excting games in Euro 2012, with arguably the 4 worst teams or the easiest group in the tournament, however you have to give it to the Russians, they played perfectly, defended well and quickly broke on the counter and they were fast and Arshavin looked class, however this blog is about the Spanish, us Spanish kick off the tournament in just 24 hours time against the Italians, it is good we have the Italians first because we can get them out of the way, as Ireland and Croatia, albeit good teams, certainly beatable and we expect to beat them. Even though they are the favourites people are saying its not going ti be Spain this year, it will be Germany or the Dutch, and, although we are the World Champions, we are missing David Villa, now he is an amazing player, but for some reason Soldado isn’t in the squad, and Del Bosque wanst Torres to play, I heard, which is good, because in the last few weeks for Chelsea he has been playing very well, we still have the same midfield as we always do and that will be key to us winning, if the Likes of Xavi and Iniesta can combine with Torres then he could well be player of the Tournament, we have already seen Torres score a great header in a warm up game and with the creativity of his Chelsea Team-mate Juan Mata, and David Silva, I think we can go all the way with Torres.


The Group games and Predictions


Spain vs Italy.

Im going for a 2-1 win for Spain, because we are the world and European champions and we know how to win big games, last week, although it was a friendly, the Italians were torn apart by the what looks to be a very Potent Russia side, and because the Italians have struggled since they won the World Cup 2006, I think we have a good chance, the main reason they have struggled is by replacing the old guard, Maldini, Cannavora, Luca Toni, etc.

Player to look out for MARIO BALOTELLI

Spain vs Ireland

As much as I would like to say the Irish have a chance, Im going for a 2-0 win for spain, spains experience and ability in midfield should do this, and the Irish haven’t got a great midfield, however they do play as a team and Trapatonni has got them really organised, so it wont be easy to break them down, and we might not score till the 70th minute, but we should win.

Player to look out for ROBBIE KEANE!

Spain vs Croatia

This will be the last group game and even though if my predictions are right, we will have already gone through, the Spanish will be trying to win, to keep up the confidence up if anything else, the crotatians are a very tight team, quite technical so this wont be an easy game, and in my opinion the hardest group game, Im going for a 1-0 spain win, with a very tight game, and  a lucky goal or a penalty to win it for Spain.

Player to Look out for LUKA MODRIC

Overall, I think we have a great group and a great squad, and I think the Spanish have a great chance of winning the competition, but will have to play quite will to win the group, and if the likes of Iniesta and Xavi an get Torres to start scoring, then we will have less doubters that we could win the Euros back to back.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and enjoy the Euros so far, but I have to end this by saying condolences to the family of the Villareal Manager who sadly passed away a day after being appointed, the Spanish were very upset when they heard this, and hopefully they can use this as motivation but that is not as important as saying good wishes to the family, R.I.P Manuel Preciado

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