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5 maggio destiny for Inter again?

Key Match to watch: Inter vs Siena 

Where will the scudetto head to?


With Inter losing the Milan derby, the title race in Italy has been re-opened with Roma only three points away from the ever leaders Inter. Today Inter play Siena while Roma play Atalanta. Siena have managed to surprise everyone by sneaking a 1-0 win against Juve last weekend as eveyone is now hoping that they manage to do the same feat against the nerazzuri. Roma meanwhile entertain Atalanta at home and after beating Samp luckily last week, they will now be more than happy to put themselves more than 100% in the match. A loss to Inter and three points to Roma can mean that the title will be decided again on the last matchday. This brings out memories of the 2002 scudetto when Inter lost the title on the last day of the season after losing to Lazio and Juve winning in the other match to go on and celebrate as the new champions.

The situation is not hot only at the top in Italy, as in the relegation zone, no teams have yet been declared relegated although Livorno are really risking alot. Empoli and Parma could get away from Serie B competition if they get things right today.

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