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6 Premier League Players with Impressively Long Careers

The average career for a professional football player will last 8 years, but for some players, these are rookie numbers that they have passed significantly. While some players return to the field after planning to retire, others have played consistently in the league for well over 8 years. No matter the case, the six players we are showcasing in this article have an impressive amount of longevity in the Premier League.

#1: Séamus Coleman

Although he jumped between clubs a bit in his first years in the Premier League, what makes Coleman’s career so impressive is that he has played for Everton FC since 2009, and his contract with them will expire in 2024. Before being signed by Everton, he spent some time playing for Blackpool on a loan contract, but he first played for Sligo Rovers for three seasons. All in all, Coleman has built up an impressive portfolio as a Premier League player, and his history of performing makes him worth betting on through one of the best sports betting sites, Lottoland.

#2: Lewis Dunk

Lewis Dunk, a 31-year-old centre-back for Brighton & Hove Albion has been with the club for 13 years, making it the only club he has played for, with a small interruption in 2013 when he -played for Bristol City for one month. Falling under agent CAA Stellar, Dunk has also played for England in the U21 national team. At the time of writing, his current market value sits at €16m, though this is down from his peak value of €27m that he hit in October 2020.

#3: Joe Gomez

While his career length may only be perceived as average, sitting at 8 years, Joe Gomez is worth mentioning because he is also the youngest player on this list. At just 26 years old, Gomez has already been playing for his current club, Liverpool FC for 8 years! After playing for one year with the Charlton U18 team, he was signed by Liverpool for €4.9m, an impressive transfer fee for an 18-year-old.

#4: Joel Ward

Despite his rapidly decreasing market value, Joele Ward is still holding onto his contract with Crystal Palace and has been for 12 years. As for his Premier League career, he has been playing with professional clubs since 2008 and has made many headlines and a considerable amount of money in that time. At the time of writing, Ward has a market value of €1.2m, the result of a decreasing value since 2018 when he was valued at €5m. So, while it may appear that Ward may not get his contract renewed once his current one expires in 2024, we can only wait to see how this one pans out.

#5: Paul Dummett

This next Welsh-English left-back defender falls under Unique Sports Group and is the first Newcastle United player to make our list. Having spent time playing on a number of loan contracts, Dummett has consistently played for Newcastle United since he first joined the Premier League in 2010. Since then, he has become known as an incredibly reliable and consistent defender, and with an upcoming expiring contract, fans are curious to see what is next in his book.

#6: Solly March

Last but not least, we couldn’t exclude Solly March from this list. Having been part of Brighton and Hove Albion since 2011, first as an U18 player and then moving up to the Premier League in 2013, he has become a fan favourite due to his hard work and commitment. And, what makes him arguably the most impressive player on this list is that after all this time, his market value is only climbing, sitting at €22m at the time of writing, up from €9 just last year.

Final Thoughts

In any professional, you will find a number of people with longevity stars like the ones we’ve discussed in this article. Whether it’s due to their willingness to keep playing and work hard, or simply because they have yet to reach the peak of their performance, these players are showing that skill can be found in any corner of football.

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