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AC Milan

AC Milan Wins Over FC Zurich

Well the season is here and I am so excited that we have added so many great and talentd players to AC Milan. On thursday AC Milan snapped a two game losing streak and like I have said all along, I think we can go really far this season and become champions once again.

Kaka started it for us directing Andriy Shevchenko and Palto to move into attack. Ronaldinho was not in the game he was on the bench. I don’t understand why AC Milan didn’t put him in when they need him the most.

Ronaldinho should’ve been out their playing with Kaka,Palto, and Shevchenko in the attack. AC Milan got a lot of talented played this off season and I remember when I really thought that Drogba was going to be traded to AC and how great and how bad that would be on Milans side.

Well, it didn’t work out and I have to say I am gald that Dida didn’t go to AC Milan they would be like the Yankees if that happened. You bring all those talented played together to be one a team and each one of them wants the glory, instead of working together as a team.

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