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Azzurri Hit Out at Zapatero

Zapatero-Spanish PM, had said that Spain will win tomorrow’s encounter against Italy 3-2….

After the Azzurri injured captain Fabio Cannavaro wronged Spanish Prime minister Zapatero, Christian Panucci, the man who restored parity for Italy against Romania as well as conceding a penalty later saved by Buffon, has hit out at the Prime Minister too. Panucci believes that Italy have got what it takes to beat Spain and is looking at a final against the Germans in Vienna.

“We are like the Germans”

“Yes, I agree with Zapatero, Spain has developed considerably over the past ten years or so,” Panucci told La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

“However, we will win on Sunday. In these types of competitions we are like the Germans.

“We are better prepared and we play more physically, we need to win and I will try and score.”

Panucci will definitely start against Spain as the Italian defence looked strong against France and it seems that there might be no changes to the defence unless Donadoni decides to give Gamberini his chance to play in the Euros.

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