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Bilić: Who knows where our end is


Day after the victory over Poland Bilić was welcomed by the mass of journalists – from Turkey. Croatians gave him time-out because curious Turks have already asked everything.

“Is Croatia discovery of this tournament?”, they wanted to know. “We aren’t discovery, maybe for some, but not for ourselves. We are still growing, we believe in ourselves and we still don’t know where our end is. Our plan, the first plan, was the placement for the second round. It was our intimately obligation. We have done it, true, for some, in completely unexpected way”, answered Nane.

Can we expect the same squad against Turkey as it was against Germany?, was the next question.

“It’s still too early to talk about it. We have few troubles, some easier injuries which we have to salve. On the other side, against Poland quite few new players pushed themselves upon and that’s why it’s stupid to announce the squad. Moreover, we have three trainings before the match.”

Are the Turkish victories after negative result the sign of weakness of strenght, everybody was interested in Bilić’s grade of our next opponent:

“Well, firstly they have negative results, so if we’ll look like that, than they have got through luckily. On the other hand, if we take into consideration that they have made reversal twice, that means that they are ready, quality and full of moral. The truth is somewhere in the middle. That means that Turks aren’t invincible, but they are dangerous till the end.”

Day after that Friday in Vienna, presumed Bilić, the Earth will still be rotating, even in the case if the match against Turkey will be the last one for Vatreni on this tournament.

“I don’t like talking hypothetically. Of course nobody would be satisfied if we lose. We’ll do everything to win, we have the strenght and quality for that. And even if we do lose, life will go on.”

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